Chasing Ghosts

by Morning Fuzz

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released June 25, 2013

Morning Fuzz is:
Frank Fussa: vocals, guitar
Christopher Johanidesz: bass, vocals
Michael W. Cullari: guitar, vocals
Jesse Steffen: Drums

All songs written by Frank Fussa (BMI) and Morning Fuzz
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Barrett Jones
Recorded at Laundry Room Studio in Seattle, WA
Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge in NYC.
Additional guitar and overdubs played by Barrett Jones.
Cover photo by Nick Gerbano
Band photo by Mindy Zieselman and Luke Westhoff
CD Design by Jesse Steffen



all rights reserved


Morning Fuzz Brooklyn, New York

This is fun, bouncy guitar pop, happily shading in the intersections of the Venn diagram where mainstream pop and alternative music meet.

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Track Name: Contra
Desires come and go
We wash our hands clean
Imaginary roles we casted in our dreams
Afraid to get old
I get lost in that Dr. Seuss
Some days we move slow
Like the west side to Hollywood

We can run and run and run and run
Our destinations have its tolls
Still a waze away, away, away
The gravel is eating up our souls
Low light, we shake in the cold

Its Christmas time again
But it don’t feel the same
Excitement and the smells
Are buried in the change

Afraid to get old
We are living in our comic books
Some days we move slow
Like the west side to Hollywood

From far away, faded light
Gets me through the darkest nights
Chasing ghosts through past and time
They run away, our legs are tired
We can run
until our legs give out and sink
Trail away
don’t look back and never miss a thing
We can turn
And hope that time don’t catch up then
And we can stay for a while and then
It will come back to me when we’re older
And we will fade away on the shoulder
Track Name: Ready To Go
Moonlight and the early morning sun
Tonight I'm a rebel on the run
Are you up because I'm burnt out thinking about it
I'm ready, ready, ready to go
Lets get out and just stop thinking about it
I'm ready, ready, ready to go

I watch the tables turn
There is no rhyme, no reason
It’s only in my brain
I watch the city sulk
There is no life, no living
It will never be the same

You travel a righteous, dusty road
You follow it everywhere it goes
Tempted to take that edgy turn
And soon forgot everything you learned
You wake up with everyone you know
Pack up and hope that they will all love you forever
Track Name: You Say
I feel im falling
No balance, the shaky ground
The sound of stomping feet
A shiver chatters my teeth
A whisper ripens to full out blasphemy
The levels peaking out
These postal shouts

Like summer days to winter nights
I turn from hot to cold
Separate, I will wait, compensate yeah
When you are soaked up in your vice
I feel so alone
And I reflect on everything you say
Everything you say

And when its over and the hatchet is set and done
We fall together and see how long that we can
Stay afloat and keep our heads away from choppy grounds
When waves come crashing hard
We float back up to the start

There is a fire
Will it burn me into dust?
Hang on the wire
Waiting for a gust
Over and over
we cant reenact the better half
Closer, we hold on…
Track Name: Lunar Light
We shine the lights and watch a new day
We bet our chances in a fools way
With silent games we play an old war
We cut our words up with our own saw

Don’t let them tell you that you cant always reach for the sun
Even a dreamer’s scared but you can’t run away from it all

This is the way to the happiest days of your life
Climb on the moon and we’ll shadow the lunar light

We set the visions in our own way
Color a city with our own paint
And for a second we will freeze time
And never let go in the meantime
Track Name: Pizza and Bullets
Modern day drifting far away
In the path you leave for growing
In the ground where it stays
Shallow themes way off your shadowed dreams
I can hear the time bomb ticking
How the hell did we get so vain?

But hey, oh what a shame, its all the same
How can I see colors when everything is so grey?
And how did we get pushed away?

Screws and bolts
You’re tied with loops and bows
I see fragile on the radar
Such a waste to disclose
Little one, you got a lot to learn
You can’t get to where you’re going
If you don’t know where you’re from

But hey, oh what a shame, its all the same
How can I see colors when everything is so grey?
And how did we get pushed away?

Only time can tell the slightest gesture
And only we can hope for something better
I know you’re out there
I feel you out there
Track Name: Summer Camp
I’ve come clean in a dirty world
The demons in my head have now made friends
We are mean when we speak our thoughts
The ugly truth’s as sharp as razors edge

Another day, count the change
We will be all right but not much better
What a way to sell your self so cheap

We all live in a summer camp
We all live in a summer camp
We all live in a summer camp
Are you happy? Are you sad?

Its all screens of a familiar role
The scenery’s condemned
I walk away
We are all fiends looking for a hole
As childish as we are
We hum the same

In a visionary world we’ll be ok
On a Pictionary wall it would take all day
In a visionary world we’ll be ok

We all live in a summer camp
Track Name: The Last Fall
Interspace pulls me somewhere else
Times will change and stun me once again

Rev me up and watch me go
Catapult from my exile below
Used to be my only call
Shadows pulling me back through the wall

Cast my bait
Only pulls when im away
Fools get locked out
Chase those feelings once again

Lines and lines, our words get old
There is no full page
When there’s heat there’s also cold
There is no full page
Saturate, we tear, we fold

This could be the last fall
Down on our face again
This could be the last stroll
Into the fairway
Shuffle through headway
Silence or ticking, dull or pain
I feel a million miles away
Track Name: Trampolines
Everything you have
Not everything you need
Everything you feel
And all the air you breathe

We follow it everywhere we feel
Swallow it down and let it be

All your hopes and dreams
Are tangled at your feet
Tripping on your steps
Drowning out your feelings

We follow it everywhere we please
Swallow it down and let it be

Im treading ground like a runaway
And when I lay down
A trampoline with the ups and downs
And what I say
I trip on the words
Blinking the past will last all night

Everything you have is passing
All the sun you need is setting

Take it from me
Im your disease
And Ive got everything you need
If I hold the flame and you put it out
Give you the wick
and you're burning in doubt
Track Name: Look At Me Now
Ringing out my soul
Time compels us to get old
I tip the hourglass
But it still moves too fast
The sun it shines to bold
Then leaves us stranded on our own
There’s rubble on the path
Take another pass

Time is a mystery
Spinning me upside down
Shake it away and hope that it all works out

Seasons come and go
Lift me up and drop me low
The autumn leaves surpass
Nothings meant to last
Lately we are fading
Are we lazy or just aging?

Time is a mystery
Spinning me upside down
Shake it away and hope that it all works out

Spare my thoughts
Excuse my hope
While all my vaulted energy is impatient to let go
Rights and wrongs
Do’s and don’ts
Without there is no chemistry, no handle to hold on

Stand where you are, you wont get too far
Track Name: Hotel Coral Essex
Warm my blood
I fell asleep by the ocean
Back and forth
Are the waves as they churn
No footprints
Will keep me off of the pavement
Bare, no soles
Its ok if they burn

And I feel like im nowhere now
I am still, Im lost

Im lost in a cosmic harmony
A fainted common breeze
Just visions of the sea
Im lost

Thrift store coat
Washing up in the white foam
All things pass everywhere that we look
Cross that bridge to stay clear of a breakdown
Hopeless fish are getting caught on the hook

And so it goes
The dripping of the rain
Drowning out my fairytales
A polder to my empty well