First Demo 2008

by Morning Fuzz

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This is the first demo that Frank and Chris recorded that would become the beginning of Morning Fuzz. They were still living in Los Angeles at the time recovering from the demise of their band Ultra High Frequency. They flew home to NY for a long weekend in April of 2008 and recorded these 3 songs. If you were at any of the first Morning Fuzz shows or any local record store at the time, you would of seen or received a handmade CD of this demo.


released June 1, 2008

Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Jason Marcus and Oshin Baroyan

Recorded at Godel String Studio in Brooklyn, NY, Oshin's office space in the late hours and Oshins apt in Queens, NY.

All drum tracks played by Billy Rymer

Frank Fussa: vocals, guitar
Chris Johanidesz: Bass

Thanks to Jason and Oshin for putting in lots of hours and work in a short amount of time that we had and to Billy for showing up after hearing the songs once on the way to the studio and nailing the takes perfect. Thanks for everyone who listened, spread the Fuzz and gave us a shot at a new start!



all rights reserved


Morning Fuzz Brooklyn, New York

This is fun, bouncy guitar pop, happily shading in the intersections of the Venn diagram where mainstream pop and alternative music meet.

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Track Name: Lonely Phase
Right here, right here, right now
is where you ought to be
playing the roles you vowed
but the plan fell through
How I ransack clues
Silence is in the air
Im tangled up inside
the sheets that we used to share
now im laying close to your mindless ghost

Still awake at night I wonder
fools will try to steal my thunder
fabricate a love to sever
but I can make it last forever
Try to find a way to let go
I scream out loud but there's no echo
lost inside this vivid hallway
and I still think about you always

Assumptions, deranged events
created in my head
are starting to make some sense
I hope they are all not true
Its hard to alter views
come back, come back don't wait
The tide is rising up
You're like a razor blade
when your cut me up, yeah you cut me up

I guess this is the end
You've made it all stop
There is not a thread left attached
just a faded old map
I don't know which way to turn
this was never meant to end
Im in such a lonely phase...
Track Name: Four Flies Away
Think big
stop wasting your life in this small town
relapse, one blink of an eye
the steps you crawl down
we make it hard on ourselves
go for those mean waves
you stuck that spike to your veins
and watched the world fade

so what do you when your nightmares come alive?
you're not going to be towed out
you're face to face with the menace in your mind
you're hitch is worn out

sometimes you get so alone
I know that feeling
cinder blocks come falling down up from the ceiling
call it enigma, unfinished pictures
become a fixture, a hallow vista

The world will catapult you
and will leave you dry
there is no crane above you
that will lift you high
the grass you thought was greener,
was only sod
You're not gonna win

So what do you do when your nightmares come alive?
you're not gonna be towed out
you're face to face with the menace in your mind
you're hitch is worn out
Hide that money, we can't all be lucky
Four flies away, drop so roughly
Lets all be funny and hope to be towed out
Track Name: Go Out
I don't want to go out
the tragedies that run about
Im glued to my bed
battles roaring in my head
segregate a new mess
tied up and spent
nothing will mend
til I find a way to move on

goodluck, don't fool yourself
watch out, don't lose yourself
You're made to rule yourself

Take a look outside
confusion strikes impulsive vibes
don;t want to meet someone new
girl im still hung up on you
Oh what should I do
inside to outside
tongues are all tied
when you're at war with yourself

Who put the lock on rock and roll?
I'll pick the lock off the rock and roll